Whole Grain Breakfast Porridge

Whole Grain Breakfast Porridge

This will be a quick post.  I’d like to offer for your consideration one of my whole grain breakfast recipes.  Someone gave me this recipe several years ago.  Typically, twice a month I’ll make this porridge consisting of various healthy grains.  I’ve been dragging in terms of energy over the past few days so I plan on making a batch tomorrow.

Usually, this porridge gives me energy and satisfies my hunger.  I consider it a favorite Vitamix recipe.

This grain/oatmeal breakfast contains the most powerful grains in the world.  Thre grains are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and should make you feel great for the entire morning and early afternoon,


6 Teaspoons of Millet

6 Teaspoons of Raw Buckwheat Groats

4 Teaspoons of Amaranth grain

4 Teaspoons of Golden Flaxseed

4 Teaspoons of Chia Seeds

4 Teaspoons of Quick Oats

4 Teaspoons of Ground Corn Meal


Grind them in a coffee grinder.  Actually, I use my Vitamix.

Put the ground seeds into a bowl.

Stir the ingredients.

Bring approximately three ounces of filtered water to a boil in a pot.

Then, lower the heat.

Slowly place the grains into the water, while stirring.

It will begin to thicken into a porridge.

Turn off the heat once it has transformed into a porridge.

Ready to serve.

Note – there will probably be extra, so you’ll need a food storage container.

Add for taste

Add two teaspoons of Tahini butter and two teaspoons of raw honey.

Add about a half teaspoon of sea salt.

Stir in a bowl.



Optional Ideas

The above was the original years.  Over the years I’d added chicken, carrots, onions, Turmeric powder, and garlic.

One of the additional things I think about this porridge is flexibility.  You can experiment and add different things.

Some Benefits of Eating Whole Grains

  • Lower your risk of heart disease. …
  • Lower your risk of stroke. …
  • Reduce your risk of obesity. …
  • Lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. …
  • Support healthy digestion. …
  • Reduce chronic inflammation. …
  • May reduce your risk of cancer

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Contact Me

I’m interested in more whole grain breakfast recipes.  So if anyone has a suggestion please send a comment below.

PS – Lately, I haven’t found Amarath at Whole Foods or other Organic Supermarkets.  Recently, I purchased a pound bag of organic, Non-GMO Amaranth.  It should last a while.

If you’re searching for a healthy breakfast option then I believe this whole grain breakfast porridge would be a great option.

Let me know if you try and enjoy this porridge; and/or if you’re interested in more whole grain breakfast recipes.