What is the best blender for green smoothies?

Blender for Making Smoothies

The bananas, the Enerfood, and the filtered water had been thrown into the Blender. I was ready to make another morning green drink. The blender was plugged into the outlet as I flipped the button to the “on” position. There was not a sense of anticipation. This routine had become a habit. However, my worst fear became a reality. Nothing happened, the blade was stagnant, the motor was dead and so were my plans for breakfast.

Yet another blender had descended into the mechanical graveyard.

Six months ago the blender had cost $49.99. And today I would be purchasing another one.

I had been blending for a couple of years and the expected lifespan of a blender seemed to be around six months. Moreover, I desired to add other ingredients besides bananas. Everything else had left chunks; even strawberries and blueberries didn’t seem to fully blend. I had been learning about the benefits of foods such as beets and carrots. I would gaze wistfully at my cheap blender and lament its limitations.

Expensive Impulse buying

There are justifiable warnings about purchasing items on a whim. From my experience, I can testify that these can be costly and wasteful decisions. Later in the afternoon following the breakdown of the aforementioned blender I embarked on an impulse buying excursion that proved to be the wisest purchase of my life.  For the past couple of months, I had been listening to various podcasts lauding the Vitamix blender. I was intrigued; however, the expensive cost had deterred me.

Before I purchased another $49.99 blender at Target I went to Wholefoods for lunch. As I entered the door leading into the produce area there stood a couple of Vitamix sales reps conducting a demonstration. For a few minutes, the Vitamix’s motor roared throughout the Produce Department. When it stopped the container held a hot red soup.

Normally, I would have no interest in such spectacles but I watched. Then, I accepted a free sample along with 15 or so other people. The soup tasted good but I was more interested in the operation of the Vitamix.

I gazed upon the sign showing the $549 price. I asked the sales rep a couple of questions. I pondered, held a boxed Vitamix in my hand for a few moments, and almost told the sales rep I was ready to purchase. However, I thought of the price and slowly drifted away to the hot bar section of the store and then ate lunch. A couple of thoughts were on my mind while eating lunch – namely, the apparent high quality of the Vitamix, the possibility of making a purchase, and its high cost. Considering the balance of my credit report a Vitamix seemed like an irresponsible purchase.

A Cost-Saving Expensive Purchase-Vitamix Blender

This was back in 2009, prior to my ownership of a smartphone. I couldn’t do a Vitamix search on my phone while eating lunch. The decision was based solely on the information gleaned from the presentation and various podcasts. In the end, my gut told me to make the purchase. So, I walked out of the store with a new Vitamix and a $549 increase in my credit card balance.

This seemed like a crazy and rash decision for someone who had been recently laid off from a work project. Surely, my mother thought so as I mentioned the purchase the following day.

However, ten years later the Vitamix appears to be a bargain. Instead of spending perhaps $50 every 6 months or $100 per year on blenders for a total of $1,000 during a ten-year span I made a one-time purchase of $549.

Moreover, no other blender can compare to a Vitamix. Any food can be blended into a pure liquid blend. I put beets, carrots, assorted berries, full apples, kale, etc into the Vitamix. From my experience, none of these foods would blend into a satisfactory form in any other blender.

So, the price is a secondary issue compared to the quality. I would be unable to have the same morning drinks without the Vitamix. They would be restricted to a teaspoon of a healthy green powder, some water, stevia, and a spoon. If you’re serious about blending healthy concoctions then a Vitamix is the only choice.


Note – I’ve read that a Ninja blender can do everything a Vitamix can do. I had a Ninja blender and I found that not to be true. It probably worked better than the other cheaper blenders but it was low quality compared to a Vitamix. And it stopped working after six months or so of daily use.

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Vitamix Features

  • Automated Blending: Five pre-programmed settings ensure simple cleaning, walk-away convenience, and consistent results for smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, and purée recipes.
  • You’re in Control: Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature let you manually fine-tune the texture of any recipe; Cord: 6 ft
  • Low-Profile 64-ounce Container: Perfect for family meals and entertaining, while fitting comfortably under most kitchen cabinets.
  • Hardened Stainless-Steel Blades: Our aircraft-grade stainless steel blades are designed to handle the toughest ingredients, so from the first blend to the last, you get the same quality results.
  • Self-Cleaning: With a drop of dish soap and warm water, your Vitamix machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds. What’s in the Box: motor base, low-profile 64 oz. container, cookbook, getting started guide, DVD, low-profile tamper.HP: 2.2-peak.


Ingredient ideas

I’m not going to present some outstanding recipe because frankly, I’m lazy. Essentially, I put a bunch of healthy ingredients into the Vitamix, which creates enough juice to last for a week or two. I’ll drink a glass or two of the juice each morning for breakfast.

Basic morning drink ingredients:
Healthy green powder such as Vitamineral Green or Green Vibrance, beets, carrots, spinach, kale, assorted berries, celery, apples, bananas, lemon, lime, cucumber, some honey, various oils such as hemp or black seed oil, honey, aloe juice, etc.

Over the past ten years, the ingredients have changed but the results remain the same. The use of the Vitamix has improved my health and has allowed me to maintain a steady weight. I’m 5’11 and my weight fluctuates between 175 and 180. The Vitamix drink serves as my breakfast. I’m not ready to embark on my daily tasks until I have my Vitamix drink.

Vitamix as Food Processor

Another use of the Vitamix is that it can be used to ground grains into a powder. For example, I’ll put a few teaspoons of chia seed, flaxseed, amaranth, millet, corn seed, quick oats, and buckwheat into the Vitamix and then grind them into a powder. Boil about 3 ounces of water and then put the powder into the pot. I’ll add Tumeric, honey, garlic, and sea salt into the pot. The result will be a porridge that has many different health benefits.

Other people use the Vitamix to create a soup. If the Vitamix blends for several minutes the liquid will get boiling hot.

Vitamix – The Best Blender for Making Smoothies

Amazon probably has the best deals for the Vitamix. There are various models. Some are commercial grade and used by juice shops. I originally bought a 5200 series model. The 750 model on Amazon appears to be the closest match.

If you have any questions regarding the Vitamix let me know. Check out Amazon, the nearly 5-star product ratings correspond with my own opinion.

I honestly believe Vitamix blenders are the best blenders for making smoothies.