What is a Green Powder Drink Mix?

What is a Green Powder Drink

Green powders are a blend of greens, superfoods, probiotics, fruits, fiber, and enzymes designed to serve as a healthy meal replacement.  The various foods are ground into a powder resulting in a green appearance and typically in a displeasing taste.  Typically the powders are sold in plastic containers in 30 to 60-day supplies.  Vitamineral Green is one product that’s stored in a glass bottle. The price can range anywhere from around $25 to $100.  The lowest powder I’ve seen was Trader’s Joe’s personal brand, price around $25.  The primary selling point is that a green powder drink mix can serve as a healthy alternative to a diet lacking in the requisite daily nutrition intake.


Who consumes a Green Powder Mix?

People trying to have a healthier diet or someone with a health issue are the target audience.  Personally, I learned about healthy greens powder supplements back in 2006.  While I did not have a diagnosed ailment (besides chronic allergies) I was unhealthy in appearance and felt terrible.  In conjunction with other methods, these powders aided me in achieving better overall health.  For example, I had been a person who constantly incurred colds during the fall and winter months.  People joked that I was always sick.  My sickliness changed upon the purchase of my first green powder mix.  Now, I rarely get colds.

I’ve read many reviews on Amazon claiming that these powders have eliminated various health issues.  So, anyone seeking general health maintenance or someone with a diagnosed problem could find a green powder mix worthy purchase.


High in Antioxidants

Perhaps the primary benefit is a high concentration of antioxidants.  Antioxidants are natural molecules that aid in neutralizing our bodies’ free radicals.  Inflammation and free radicals are involved in causing many diseases.  Antioxidants can lower inflammation and neutralize free radicals.

Free radicals contribute to diseases such as heart disease, cancer, arthritis, stroke, respiratory diseases, and a weakened immune system.

Personally, this benefit interested me because heart conditions have been rampant in my mother’s family.

Note – Using a green powder mix doesn’t give a person a license to have an otherwise unhealthy diet.  The powders should supplement other healthy habits.

I use healthy powders as part of a morning breakfast regiment.  My meals later in the day consist of vegetables/greens, fruits, legumes, nuts and a protein like chicken or salmon.  Moreover, I drink plain water, herbal teas, Kombucha, or Yerba Mate.  I eliminated soda and milk.  I believe milk was a primary cause of acne that had plagued me until the age of thirty-three.

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Alkalizing Effect

An acidic PH level is a breeding ground for disease.  Many popular foods and drinks have an acidic effect; such as soda, fast food, junk food, animal protein, pizza, etc.  A green powder mix has an alkalizing effect.

Benefits of a more alkaline PH level include:

1)  Reduces risks of cancer.  Some researchers have claimed a person has a minimal chance of getting cancer if their body has a neutral PH.

2)  Aids in kidney function, which in turn improves the body’s efficiency in eliminating waste; as noted by a study published in 2017.


3) Studies have shown an acidic PH contributes to osteoporosis.

4) Healthier teeth – an acidic mouth increases the bacteria count, which in turn causes gum issues and tooth decay.

5) Increased energy – The PH level affects the cell’s ability to manufacture ATP (fuel for the cell).  This process has an effect on the cell’s oxygen level.  When the PH level is at its proper level the process becomes efficient, and as a result, the person has more energy.

6) Better immune function


Other Benefits

I’ve found the presence of antioxidants and the alkalizing effect to be among the most important benefits associated with healthy green powders.

A green powder drink mix benefits the digestive process.  Many of the foods included in these powders are high in fiber.  An ordinary diet typically lacks the required daily intake of fiber.  Personally, I’ve experienced regular bowel movements once I began using green powders.

Every green powder contains a high variety of fruits and vegetables.  The wide food variety, in turn, offers a variety of nutrients.  Every vitamin, mineral, and nutrient are covered in green powder supplements.

Moreover, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, using a green powder mix can serve as a first step or motivational tool in adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle.

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Preparation Methods

The most basic use of the green powder mix is adding a heaping teaspoon to a glass of water or fruit juice and then stir.  This method is quick and easy.   The drawbacks are the poor taste and the powder gets lumpy and can stick to the glass.  A natural sweetener like stevia honey can be added to the mix in order to alleviate the taste.

A blender can be used to prevent the lumping while providing froth to the drink.  Also, ice and fruits like bananas or berries can be added in order to make the drink a smoothie.

After a couple of months of simply adding the green powder to a glass of water, I expanded the process by adding fruits.

I used basic blenders and after about six months I would have to replace them.

This became frustrating and inconvenient.  So I decided to splurge and spent $500 on a Vitamix.  A Vitamix is a high-speed blender that can blend anything.  The blade has a lifetime guarantee.

I bought the Vitamix around 2009 and currently, it works as efficiently as it did when I first made the purchase.  I blend beets, apples, carrots, celery, etc into a liquid form without it being grainy or having any chunks or lumps.

The Vitamix is probably the wisest purchase I’ve ever made.  If you’re serious about blending healthy drinks then I wholeheartedly recommending buying one.

Recommended Green Powders

I’ve recommended a few powders I’m my previous blog posts.

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  • 5) Green Surge – 4.7 out of 5 ratings on Amazon

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