Pure Synergy – Perhaps the Best Organic Green Powder Supplement

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In this article, I’d like to continue healthjim.com’s tradition of providing the best green powder supplement reviews. Presently, I’m using a product that many consider to be the best organic green powder supplement. A company called Pure Synergy offers a product called Organic Green Superfood Powder.

Pure Synergy was found in 1977. They produced one of the earliest nutritional powder supplements; a different company called Hallelujah Acres marketed a similar product around the same time. As far as I know, these were the first green powder supplements on the market.

If anyone has information to the contrary please comment below. I’m interested in learning about any highly regarded green superfood powder.

In this review, I’ll mention the key element that sets the Pure Synergy superfood powder apart from the competitors. I’ll cite a review in which a consumer claimed that this green powder had a profound effect on her long-term health.

Check below for a video on the concept of Nutrient Synergy, which is a method employed by the founders of Pure Synergy.

Best Organic Green Powder Supplement

Does Pure Synergy’s organic green superfood powder occupy the lofty position of the top spot in the industry? Personally, it’s difficult for me to say because I have tried many powders over the years. There are many that I hold in high regards such as Vitamineral Green, Enerfood, and Green Vibrance.

However, the Pure Synergy powder is certainly on the level of the best green powders.

A perusal of reviews revealed that there is a loyal customer base. Many have been steady customers over the past 15 or 20 years. Some testified they’ve been purchased the Pure Synergy superfood powder since the ’90, ’80s, and even the ’70s.

Green Powder Supplement Reviews (from long-time customers)

Imagine a person who is in a state of constant pain and fatigue. Let’s say that this person has two small children. So there is no mental or physical rest for the weary.

They’re regularly getting treatment from a holistic health professional. The visits are expensive, yet the expenses of the various supplements supersede these weekly appointments.

However, these visits and supplements do not help. This individual is in despair; hope appears lost. They want to avoid traditional medicine but what other option could there be?

Out of desperation, Pure Synergy superfood powder was purchased by them and 18 years later they claim it is the best organic green powder supplement. Moreover, it was a lifesaver. The green powder allowed them to assume a healthy life.

The above is an actual testimony of someone who first bought the organic green superfood powder 18 years ago. Personally, I understand this person’s point of view based on my own experience; not necessarily from Pure Synergy but due to committing to a healthier diet.

Brief Personal Anecdote

During summer 2006, I began garnering interest in nutrition and healthy living. The initial flash of enlightenment arose out of vain motivations. I grew up in the Philadelphia area. So, summers spent down the Jersey Shore were the norm during my youth and early adulthood. I wanted to be in good shape for the summer.

A visit to my parents’ house made me realize a stark reality.

My mother said, “You’re getting a gut.”

I was shocked. I had always been thin. Being overweight had been an unforeseen possibility. At first, I was in denial until the car ride home. I realized my mother was 100% correct.

So, for the first time in my life, I made a commitment to eating healthy. I was in my early 30’s and I could no longer eat anything and expect to maintain a good appearance.  My metabolism was slowing down.

Not long thereafter I discovered an organic green powder supplement called Enerfood. Instantly, I was hooked and these green powder supplements became the main ingredient in my early morning meals. For me, the day hasn’t truly begun until I begin drinking my healthy morning smoothie containing a green powder such as Pure Synergy.

What is organic green protein powder?

Essentially, organic green protein powder is a product consisting of various vegetables, fruits, herbs, enzymes, and probiotics that have been manufactured into a powder. This process involves freeze-drying the foods at a low temperature in order to extract their nutrients.

Pure Synergy superfood powder is packaged in glass containers. I prefer glass to plastic because with the latter there is a danger of harmful toxins and chemicals seeping into the food.

These powders can serve as a meal replacement for anyone seeking to eat healthier and/or lose weight. They serve as a better alternative than something like a multi-vitamin or any type of synthetic vitamin because and organic green protein powder is derived from real, healthy food. Moreover, the ingredients are taken from organic and non-GMO sources.

Adaptogen Herbs

There are many different green powder supplements on the market. So, I would like to mention one characteristic that distinguishes Pure Synergy powder from their competition.

One of the key features of their powder is the presence of Adaptogen Herbs. For example, it contains powerful herbs such as astragalus (immune support), Ginkgo (circulatory support to the brain), nettle leaf (flushes toxins), and licorice root (digestive and respiratory health).

Overall, 25 different herbs are included in this organic superfood powder. Combined together in the proper ratio this combination of herbs has a soothing effect on the nervous system, allowing someone to have a better ability to handle mental and physical strain.

Adaptogen herbs. Hand drawn vector set of medicinal plants

What are adaptogen herbs?

The term adaptogen refers to substances that theoretically “adapt” to each individual’s body chemistry and then proceed to sooth the assorted physical and emotional stresses that negatively affect the body. For example, Cayenne Pepper supports the circulatory and digestive systems.

The use of adaptogen herbs is derived from the holistic approach of Chinese medicine, in which treatments are based on the theory that all the organs and systems of the body are interrelated. So, medical treatment should be applied based on its effect on the body as a whole.

There are thousands of medicinal plants throughout the world. Most are designed for a specific action on a specific body system and a certain ailment.

Adaptogen Herbs Holistic effect on the Body

Adaptogenic herbs provide nutrients and that support the digestive system from the standpoint of quickening the digestive process and improving nutrient absorption.

The body requires oxygen, which can be considered a unique type of nutrient, i.e. One not derived from food. Certain herbs can stimulate the respiratory system by relaxing the bronchial muscles.

Once the nutrients are processed via digestion and respiration then the circulatory system carries them throughout the body.  Adaptogenic herbs are used to help stimulate the circulatory system in different ways: push blood flow to the body’s surface, stimulate more efficient pumping of the heart, and relaxation of artery muscles, hence lowering blood pressure.

Click here for more information regarding the importance of nutrition.

Detoxing and Skin Support

Waste matter must be removed after the nutrients have been carried to the cells. Adaptogenic herbs can be used to remove these toxins. These toxins cause the body to delegate resources to the problem area.  So their presence can be taxing on the body’s energy level. Removal of toxins can allow these resources to become dedicated to tissue and organ repair.

Healthy skin is a sign of good health and it serves a role in maintaining good health.

Nervous, Endocrine, and Immune Systems

The nervous and endocrine systems complement one another. A healthy nervous system is needed for a person to manage the daily grind of life comprised of worries and anxiety.  The endocrine system controls the release of hormones that impacts items such as mood, vitality, and fertility.

Many Adaptogenic herbs interact with these three systems to help the body cope with the many stresses inflicted upon the body.

A person can’t randomly put together various herbs in hopes of a miracle tonic. A skilled herbalist is needed to compose combinations that will work to maximum efficiency.

The need for experienced and knowledge represents one of the greatest benefits of Pure Synergy green powder. It is one of the reasons why many consider Pure Synergy superfood to be the best organic green powder supplement.

Best Green Powder Supplement Reviews

Pure Synergy has had over three decades of experience perfecting their formula. The nutritional foundation is laid with nutrient-dense foods consisting of greens, fruits, sprouts, and algae. Then, the adaptogen herbs are added in order to support the digestive, respiratory, circulatory, nervous, endocrine, and immune systems and promote detoxification and skin health.

The formula provides a balance between western and eastern methodology. Moreover, Pure Synergy’s expertise creates a “nutrient synergy” in each of their products especially superfood powder. The quantities and ratios of the ingredients are paramount to the entire process.

I’m currently using the Pure Synergy superfood powder each morning. I plan on using this product in the future and I’m intrigued by many of their other products.

Pure Synergy Ingredients

Pure Aquatic Greens– Promote energy and clarity with the earth’s most concentrated sources of nutrition.
Nourishing Fruits– Support cellular health with these vibrant sources of phytonutrients and antioxidants.
Cleansing Grass Juices & Vegetables– Cleanse and alkalize your body and boost your digestion with chlorophyll-rich super greens.
Enzyme-Rich Sprouts- Spark metabolism and vitality with potent enzymes and phytonutrients just budding to life.
Immuno-Mushrooms– Protect a healthy immune system with life-sustaining medicinal mushrooms.
Tonic Herbal Extracts– Restore and nourish chi—the natural life force—and help your body adapt to stress and change.
Restorative Botanicals- Repair and balance the natural rhythms and systems of your body.

Key Features

1. Made from organic and wildcrafted whole foods
2. Bridges nutritional gaps in the diet
3. Packed with highly bioavailable nutrients
4. Balanced with natural co-factors
5. Ingredients are sourced using sustainable techniques
6. Regularly tested for purity
7. No additives, fillers, colorings, gluten, GMOs or synthetic ingredients of any kind

The List of Adaptogenic Herbs in Pure Synergy

Traditional Chinese Herbal Vitality Formula 1.5 g
—Extracts of Astragalus Root*, Eleuthero Root*, Lycium (Goji) Berry*, Dong Quai Root*, Schizandra Berry*, Bai-Zhu Atractylodes Rhizome*, Fo-Ti Root*, White Peony Root*, Rehmannia Root*, Codonopsis Root*, Licorice Root*, Jujube Fruit*, Poria*, Ginger Rhizome*, Tangerine Peel*, Polygala Root*, Ligusticum wallichii Rhizome*

Balancing Western Herbal Tonic Formula 1.2 g
—Rose Hips Fruit*, Nettle Leaf*, Red Clover Flower*, Skullcap Flower and Leaf*, Burdock Root*, Ginkgo Leaf*, Yellow Dock Root*, Dandelion Leaf*

Watch this short news report discussing the benefits of nutrient synergy. Pure Synergy practices the concept of nutrient synergy via its unique combination of adaptogenic herbs and nutrient-dense green foods.

Essentially different combinations of foods provide benefits that wouldn’t have been available if not eaten together. Absorption of various nutrients will become more efficient when using certain food combinations.

Best Healthy Morning Smoothie Recipe using Pure Synergy Superfood Powder

If you’re interested in making your own homemade healthy green drinks then try the following smoothie recipe:

Makes 2 servings

1 ½ cups coconut water
juice from ½ lemon
1 cup frozen pineapple
½ green apple (cored)
½ tsp peeled & chopped ginger root
handful of fresh cilantro
dash of cayenne pepper (optional)
1 tbsp Organic Freeze-Dried Nettle Leaf Powder

Add all of the ingredients to a blender, blend on high until smooth.
Add more liquid for desired consistency.
Serve immediately and enjoy this refreshingly cleansing pick-me-up!

Pure Synergy – a Final Thought

I’ve read many comments complaining bout the taste of the various green superfood powder supplements, including Pure Synergy’s products. Those criticisms are valid.

Even the best organic green powder supplement would not have a pleasant taste. However, I’ve long ago stopped noticing the taste. Partially, that would be due to the fact that I’ve grown used to them over the years.

However, the main reason is that I include these powders with other foods while blending them in a Vitamix. The taste of the actual green powder becomes hidden.

So, I recommend buying a Vitamix or a cheaper blender if you’re not concerned about chunks of fruits and vegetables in the drink. Or, you could simply add a natural sweetener like Stevia to the green drink.

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Don’t let fears about poor taste deter you from embarking on a journey to better health. Nobody hated vegetables more than me. If you give certain foods a chance then your taste buds will change and you’ll soon be enjoying food that you once hated like broccoli.

Finally, is Pure Synergy the Best Organic Green Powder Supplement on the market? Honestly, it’s difficult to say. There are many other great products on the market like Vitamineral Green and Enerfood.

However, Pure Synergy is certainly a contender and a product that will benefit anything seeking to adopt a diet with more nutrition.