Organic Super Foods – a healthy breakfast option

Organic Super Foods – a healthy breakfast option 1

I’d like to review a couple of products offered by the Hallejuh diet.   This company has invited me to be a member of their affiliate marketing program.  I was interested in being affiliated with them after reading positive customer reviews and doing research on their philosophy.

I’ve recently purchased a couple of their products.   Already, they’ve made me reconsider a few things about my diet.  For example, I’m going to make an attempt to consume less animal protein in an effort to make raw food a higher percentage of my overall diet.  Their recipes have motivated me to make an effort to prepare more of my own meals.  I’ve been too reliant on the salad and hot food bars at Wholefoods.

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Advanced Superfood, Greens and Vegetable

Product: Advanced Superfood, Greens and Vegetable review

Price: $49.95

Cheapest Place to Buy: Advanced Superfood Powder

Size of Container: 8.5 oz (240 grams)

30 Day Supply

Rating: 5/5 per 147 reviews


Organic Superfood Powder Overview

In days long past I would consume perhaps a cookies and milk breakfast or perhaps a cereal consisting of mostly white sugar.  I had an acne problem that seemed destined never to disappear.  I gave no consideration to eating a diet filled with proper nutrition.

Then, I began listening to podcasts regarding health and nutrition.  I was introduced to the concept of organic superfood powders; thus beginning my journey towards health consciousness.  Upon using green powder supplements and applying other methods my acne permanently disappeared.  The healthier skin was visible evidence of a healthier internal body.

I’ve discovered blending these powders with other fruits and vegetables alongside other nutritional supplements during the morning provides a healthy breakfast that can beneficially change someone’s health.  Blend these items with a Vitamix and you’ll have a healthy drink ready reach morning for the entire week.

I’ve tried many powders and Hallejuh’s Organic Superfood Powder appears to rank with the best of them.  I perused reviews on their website and the opinions are unanimous in the opinion that this is a great product.

Benefits of Hallejuh’s Organic Superfood Powder

SUPPORTS DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Prebiotics for a healthy digestive tract; Digestive enzymes that help your body to absorb maximum nutrients.

ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Made with a blend of over 30 organic ingredients including cereal grass juice powders, leafy greens, microalgae, sprouts, prebiotic fibers, sea vegetables and other vegetables

FREE OF UNWANTED INGREDIENTS: USDA organic, gluten free, 100% vegan, non-GMO and contains no refined sugars

CONTAINS ANTIOXIDANTS, VITAMINS & MINERALS: Incredible sources of antioxidants such as moringa leaves, nopal cactus, broccoli sprouts and much more; Excellent source of Vitamin A, Iron, Manganese, and Chromium.

One thing I found interesting in the ingredients were the prebiotics.   I’ve read comments from people advocating prebiotics.  They are “food” for the probiotics.  Many other healthy green powders do not contain this ingredient.

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Product Reviews

There are 147 product ratings on Hallejuh’s website.  Every review rated the product 5 stars.  Many noted using the powder in the morning with a blender mixed with water and fruit juice.  There is a berry-flavored option that people seem to enjoy.  A couple of people mentioned using the powder in a salad.  I have done that in the past with other powders.  I’m glad I read that review because I fall into routines.  I forgot about mixing these powders with other foods such as salads.

The one overwhelming comment was that the Organic Superfood Powder provided an energy boost.  This presents a viable option for anyone struggling with a caffeine addiction.  I never drank much coffee but I was a soda freak, which doubtlessly contributed to overall poor health.

Other commentators claim the product has a good taste.  This is another notch in the product’s favor because many other powders have an unappealing taste.  Typically, I’ll use Stevia or Honey to alleviate a poor tasting product.

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Based on my experience with the company and the unanimously favorable reviews I’d recommend the product.  In the future, I’ll give the powder a try.

There are many other products by Hallejuh.  Eventually, I’ll review them.  I began with the Organic Superfood Powder because it was a similar product to my previous reviews.  Moreover, I wanted to introduce the company because I agree with their overall philosophy and I’ve enjoyed a couple of their other products.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or perhaps prior experience with this company and/or product.