How to Make Green Powder Taste Better

How to Make Green Powder Taste Better 4

If you’re like me then perhaps you’re looking for a method to add more greens into your diet. However, the taste of greens doesn’t appeal to you.

I faced a similar situation many years ago. So, I purchased a super green powder mix called Enerfood after listening to a podcast related to alternative health care methods.  I eagerly tore open the package after receiving it a few days later. My excitement soared as I was on the verge of embarking on an adventure into a healthier lifestyle.enerfood 1

I poured a teaspoon of Enerfood into a 16-ounce glass and poured water into it. This was a mistake.  First, it didn’t taste good. In fact, my taste buds at the time detected an awful taste. Second, the residue from the powder stuck to the glass and my lips.  I poured water onto the sides of the glass in an attempt to remove the residue. In my mind, I was wasting powder.

In short, a mess was created, the green powder drink tasted poorly, and I felt like I wasted some of the precious nutrients.  The next day I realized I needed to stir the drink. However, the taste hadn’t improved and some residue still stuck to the glass and the spoon.

Over the years, I’ve learned how to make the process more efficient and how to make green smoothies taste good. In this article, I’d like to share a few of these methods.

1. Include in a Healthy Smoothie for Breakfast

Over the past decade or so, healthy morning smoothies have become my exclusive breakfast of choice. Except during vacations or work travel, I’ve had had a green smoothie every morning since the summer of 2006.

Typically, I’ll add a teaspoon when making a drink for a single serving. If I’m making a larger batch that will last for several days then I’ll add a few teaspoons.

Tip – Add a water base or at least blend some other items such as fruit prior to adding the green powder. There needs to be a liquid inside the Vitamix otherwise the powder will get stuck to the sides and bottom of the blender.

There’s a variety of other foods that can be added.

2. Add a Natural Sweeter

Typically, I’ll add Stevia and/or organic raw honey. These two items can be purchased at any local, organic-based grocery store. Even some generic major food chains have begun to sell these items.

Stevia is a plant-based product that doesn’t add calories. Moreover, it is sweeter than sugar.

Honey is probably a better alternative because it has health benefits such as infection-fighting, cold relief and even preventing acid reflux.

Both options are a better alternative to white sugar, which has been documented to cause a myriad of health problems especially diabetes.

One warning about Stevia – the product sold in grocery stores doesn’t provide any health benefits; moreover its a processed product. Some contend it can cause health problems. As I stated I use the product but I’d recommend doing some research and making your own decision. Honestly, I plan to curtail my use to a degree.

3. Add fruit

Adding fruit to a green powder smoothie is probably the easiest and most effective means of improving its taste. Even a cheap blender can efficiently blend a banana.

If I don’t have any other ingredients available, I’ll include a teaspoon of green powder with water and banana. The banana masks the taste of the powder; moreover, the banana’s presence will thicken the smoothie.

I own a Vitamix, which is an indestructible high-speed blender. The Vitamix can blend whole apples. It can blend strawberries, raspberries, blackberries without leaving any chunks, leaving a smooth thick drink.

I like to include apples and various berries because I’ve read in the book, A World Without Cancer by EG Griffen, that these fruits have anti-cancer properties. Even the apple seeds have anti-cancer benefits. Hence, I include the entire apple in the Vitamix.

Another fruit that I’m going to begin using more are pineapples. Recently, I’ve bought a bag of frozen pineapples at the local health food store. I’ve read that pineapples help promote a healthy digestive tract.

However, you can try any fruit to improve the taste of a green powder smoothie.

4. Add Coconut Milk or Almond Milk

Adding either type of milk will add thickness and taste to the green powder drink. They can be purchased with either plain, vanilla, or chocolate flavor.

Coconut and Almond are both alternatives to dairy or soy. Personally, I avoid dairy and soy.

I believed drinking milk every day for 30 years contributed to allergies and acne. Once I eliminated dairy and began drinking only water my adult acne finally disappeared.

These drinks will add Vitamin D and B12.

5. Add Spices

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Cinnamon is a spice that has many health benefits including lowering blood sugar levels and its loaded with antioxidants.

Nutmeg is another spice that can add flavor and provide additional health benefits. Like Cinnamon, nutmeg provides many benefits; most notably the spice can improve heart health, mood, and blood sugar levels.

Other spices such as Ginger or Tumeric could be added to the green powder drink; however, I’d recommend including a piece of fruit. Something like Ginger has a severe taste. The taste buds need to adapt to something like Ginger.

6. Add the unique taste of Goji or Acai

Smoothies can acquire a unique taste and a boost of more vitamins with superfoods.  Goji berry or Acai are tart and will improve the taste of a green drink.    Many health food stores sell frozen packets of Acai or Goji specially designed to be included in a smoothie.

7. Spinach

While Spinach isn’t delicious, it does have a neutral taste. Adding spinach will improve the nutritional value of the drink. Including some of the other options cited in this article with spinach could be a good option. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ll include a handful of spinach in every green powder drink.


8. Add Lemon

Lemon does have a tart taste that will mask the presence of greens. Squeeze a fresh lemon into the drink. Moreover, lemon has a detoxing effect that helps cleanse the liver and the digestive tract.

9.  Mix with Food

In the past, I’ve mixed a teaspoon of green powder in a salad or a sauce.  This will hide the taste but sometimes I found myself enjoying the meal even more.

Warning – Don’t include the powder with any food that is cooking inside the oven or on a burner.  The heat will kill the nutrients.  The various foods contained within the green powder were processed in a way that maintained the integrity of the nutrients.

Try a Recipe

Berry Banana Smoothie

1/2 cup Coconut Milk

1/2 cup blackberries

1/2 cup raspberries

1/2 cup strawberries

1 teaspoon of green powder protein

1 banana

This smoothie would be rich with manganese, which is required for the normal functioning of your brain and nervous system.

Tip – When inspecting packages of delicate berries like raspberries and blackberries check to see if the package has a wet paper blotter at the bottom of the carton. If so, then the berries have been bruised or they’re decaying.

Apple Blueberry Smoothie

1 apple

1 teaspoon of green powder protein

1 1/2 cups of frozen blueberries

Blend on high for about 45 seconds or until smooth and pureed.

This is an easy smoothie to make that will be high in Vitamin C and flavonoids.

Tip – Don’t skin the apple. The skin contains a powerful flavonoid known as Quercitin. Moreover, I include the whole apple. Other references will say core the apple. However, apple seeds contain powerful anti-cancer properties so I include them.


Minted Cantaloupe Apple Smoothie

1 cup of coconut milk

2 apples

2 sprigs fresh mint

2 tablespoons flaxseed oil

1 teaspoon of green protein powder

1 1/2 cups of diced cantaloupe

Mint is an herb cited for fresh aroma and flavor; however, it also has been used to aid the digestive process

Tip – If a melon is ripe then you’ll hear juice sloshing inside as you shake it.


Don’t Let Taste be a Deterrent

The important thing is to not let the taste of a green powder protein prevent you from using them. Start viewing food as medicine instead of something to gorge upon.

I wrote an article regarding the importance of nutrition and how the lack of necessary vitamins and minerals negatively affects the body. A momentary bad taste is insignificant compared to the long-term effects of a poor diet. As cited above, the taste of a green powder can be masked by other healthy foods.

The immune system is the body’s first line of defense against harmful viruses and bacteria. The immune system needs to be armed properly to engage in this warfare. Eating the correct foods is necessary for maintaining an unbroken supply line of nutrients.

Check out this link for my top 10 superfood green powder supplements. Currently, I’m using Pure Synergy superfood powder. However, EnerfoodVitamineral Green and Green Vibrance are also at the top of my list and highly recommended.