Healthy Smoothies for Breakfast

Healthy Smoothies for Breakfast

My morning ritual continued again this morning.  Since the summer of 2006, I’ve consumed healthy shakes for breakfast.    In some form, I’ve had a healthy morning drink nearly every day, except perhaps during a trip overseas to Israel.  However there the food was so appetizing, fresh, and natural that I didn’t feel too guilty.

In 2006, I was thirty-three years old.  I was about thirty pounds overweight with a bloated, acne-ridden face with low energy and motivation.   I had never concerned myself with dietary habits or nutrition.  Simply, work out a couple of times a week and you’ll be fit was my philosophy.  Throughout my youth and early adulthood, I had possessed a high metabolism so ostensibly lifting weights was all I had needed to maintain a fit appearance.

Then reality struck one day when I realized my once thin waist had grown flabby, hanging over my belt.  Moreover, over the prior 24 months or so many people had expressed varying comments which indicated they believed me to be many years older than my actual age.  I had been developing a complex, so the realization about my weight was the final brick in the wall.

I decided to change my dietary habits.  After a bit of research, I discovered the possibilities of drinking healthy morning smoothies.

Hence, I immediately developed a profitable habit – daily consumption of a healthy morning drink.


Former Unhealthy Eating

I never cared about nutrition, never putting any thought into it.  My attitude was simple: I’ll eat whatever appeals to my taste buds.  That was the only consideration.  The long-term implications of my dietary habits were near the bottom of the factors involved in my decision.

Since my earliest memories, at least once per day I had drunk a glass or can of soda.  Rarely, I would drink water, perhaps only while playing outside during my youth in the midst of the throes of summer heat.

While growing up in my parents’ home the dinner meals were generally healthy but consisted of the standard American diet of beef, dairy, gluten laced pasta and occasionally pizza or hot dogs.  Vegetables were typically served but I avoided eating them.  Green Beans and eventually peas were the only green vegetables I would touch.

Usually, I rose out of bed at the last possible minute, rushed a shower, dressed and headed out the door without eating breakfast as I went to school.

Lunches were the typical peanut butter and jelly, lunch meat white bread sandwiches, soft pretzels (I’m from Philly), and in High School, the french fries were a favorite for everyone.

Then, every evening I would have the same snack; i.e. a bowl of potato chips and a glass of soda.  About an hour or so after dinner I was like a dog pouncing on a treat.  The day couldn’t be complete without my bowl of chips and glass of soda.


College and Young Adulthood

College and Young Adulthood

The eating habits only worsened after going to college then upon graduation getting an apartment away from my parents.  Beer, fast food, hot wings, junk food, etc. littered my diet during college then continued throughout my twenties into my early thirties.

I never had a weight issue.  My metabolism must have been high.  No matter what I ate I always appeared fit.  So, I fooled myself into thinking I could work out a few days during the week and eat whatever.  In terms of physical appearance that seemed to be the case.  However, beginning in my late 20’s people began thinking I was several years older than my actual age.  I would go to bars with friends my age and all the women would think I was several years older than the rest.  Slowly, I began to develop a complex that persisted for several years.

As I mentioned above, I finally decided to take action once I realized I was about 35 pounds overweight… and it wasn’t due to muscle mass.


Healthy Shakes for Breakfast

Once I was introduced to a new concept (for me), namely drinking healthy smoothies for breakfast, my paradigm permanently changed.  And over thirteen years I’ve never wavered from the path.

I purchased a healthy green drink power called Enerfood.  Initially, each morning I put a teaspoon of the Enerfood into a glass of water.  That was my breakfast for a couple of months.  The taste wasn’t good but the health benefits outweighed any consideration of pleasing my pallet.  Enerfood and a glass of water was my first healthy morning drink.  Previously, I did a review on Enerfood.  (link)

Eventually, I added different ingredients including beets, carrots, apples, berries, etc. and began blending healthy morning smoothies with a Vitamix.

Today, I can’t imagine a morning without a healthy shake for breakfast.


Benefits of Healthy Smoothies

I’ve seen a few articles online citing the benefits of healthy smoothies.  Here I’ll cite a list of ten benefits I’ve experienced from consuming healthy morning smoothies.

  1. Ample Source of Antioxidants – whether you’re using a healthy green powder or any other type of supplement mixed with fruits and vegetables into a Vitamix all of these food sources are going to meet your body’s antioxidant needs.
  2. Detoxification – including foods such as garlic or beets can aid in detoxifying the body, but again most of the possible ingredients will provide support in this process.
  3. Energy – No matter the amount of fatigue felt in the morning, my healthy morning drink never fails to energize me.  During my younger days, I was addicted to the caffeine in soda, many others need coffee.  I’ve found healthy shakes for breakfast provide greater energy and in a far healthier manner.
  4. Better Digestion – Occasionally, I’ll include a fiber supplement but even without doing so my digestion has improved.  I have a regular movement in the morning.  Moreover, feelings of bloating, acid reflux, and other digestive troubles have dissipated.
  5. The appearance of the Skin – Prior to drinking healthy morning smoothies my skin was terrible.  At the age of thirty-three, I had acne.  However, the acne problem disappeared shortly after beginning a healthier regiment.
  6. Eat Vegetables while avoiding the taste – I hated the taste of vegetables.  I refused to eat them when I was a small child.  So, if you had the same aversion then blending some vegetables together with a healthy green powder and other ingredients could be an effective means of getting into the habit of eating greens.  A vegetable such as beets, which have numerous health benefits is an example of something that can be blended in light of perhaps its disagreeable taste.  Today my taste buds have changed and I’m able to eat almost any vegetable whether it’s blended or not.
  7. Mood – When I was younger I was plagued with dark moods.  I noticed a marked difference following a change in my eating habits.  A significant factor is likely the reduction in sugar consumption.  Fruits and vegetables are rich in folic acid, which is a B vitamin that can aid in assuaging depression.  Beets, spinach, and bananas are examples of foods high in folic acid.
  8. Fiber – All of the foods included in a healthy morning smoothie are high in fiber.  As I mentioned earlier, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my bowel movements.
  9. Cancer Prevention – all of these foods and supplements such as a healthy green powder are a means of practicing preventive care.  There are various cancer-fighting protocols that implement a juice fast, which involves solely consuming some form of a blended or juice drink comprised of fruits and vegetables.
  10. Open-Mindedness – The most nebulous but perhaps most significant benefit was that a regiment of having healthy smoothies for breakfast spurred me to having an open mind towards other methods of preventive care.  I’ve tried various supplements and foods over the past decade and often included them in a healthy morning drink.  I’ve employed many holistic care practitioners such as chiropractors and acupuncturists.


Preventive Care

Whether you’re seeking to lose weight, eat healthier, battle a health issue or simply engage in preventive care I’d recommend drinking a healthy morning smoothie.  I’ve heard a habit will form after 3 weeks.  So, be diligent each morning for the first couple of weeks and you’ll soon get to the point where you MUST have a healthy breakfast drink. Personally, I don’t feel ready to start the day until I’ve had my mine.

So, scrap the coffee and begin blending healthy morning drinks.  Soon, you’ll be shopping on Amazon searching for a Vitamix.