Green Powder Supplements – A Food Shortage Insurance Policy

Green Powder Supplements

Whether there’s a war, an economic crisis, or a pandemic – panic ensues during a time of crisis. Empty shelves at the grocery store become a common sight. The lingering fear of a food shortage consumes the public’s mind. People rush to the nearest supermarket at 6AM and exit with a horde of items they wouldn’t have purchased while sailing over calm waters.

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Dark clouds and thunder roar in the sky, the people fear the vessel is about to capsize. March of 2020 is an example of a time when people fear such a storm. A very tiny percentage of people classify as “preppers” so the slightest disturbance in society’s voyage upon the waters of time will lead to confusion and despair.

Admittedly, I’ve collected my own small collection of canned goods, grains, and dried fruit as we sail through these troubled waters. However, I did make one purchase that is related to my daily routine. Namely, I purchased a glass bottle containing 500 grams of Vitamineral Green.

This bottle consists of 50 servings if taken daily with 1.5 teaspoons. Such a green powder is included in my daily morning smoothie. However, I made this purchase exclusively based on the motivation of using in case of a calamity. This particular bottle of Vitamineral Green would be my own insurance in case the grocery shelves are barren in two months time.

What are Green Powder Drinks?

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Green Powder supplements are comprised of assorted greens, vegetables, seaweed, probiotics, digestive enzymes and more. These ingredients are freeze dried and then processed into a powder. Generally, they’re stored in glass or plastic bottles and can be purchased online or at a supermarket that specializes in organic/healthy foods. They may boost immunity and reduce chronic disease risk, but results may vary based on ingredients. These green powders can be mixed with water or included in a smoothie.

Green Powders Can Be Meal Replacements

For over a decade, I’ve used green powders in a healthy morning green drink. The healthy ingredients serve as a great means of being a meal replacement for breakfast. Mix them with water or buy a high-speed blender such as a Vitamix and make healthy smoothies.

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My initial motivation for purchasing the green powder – Enerfood – was to serve as a means of losing weight and injecting some much needed nutrition into my body. I was at the point in my life where I had decided to change my diet from a terribly unhealthy one to a nutritious, healthy diet.

My use of the various brands of green powders evolved from merely mixing them with water to creating smoothies after buying a Vitamix. A Vitamix allows someone to put any food into a green smoothie. For example, this morning I included frozen pineapple, an apple, a banana, flax seeds, chia seeds, honey, a teaspoon of Ginger and a teaspoon of Cinnamon along with a teaspoon of Pure Synergy (a highly acclaimed green powder.)

A Green Powder Smoothie Drink

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Tomorrow, I plan on mixing a batch that will probably last about 4 or 5 days. I’ll include two apples, two bananas, one beet, 3 carrots, a handful of spinach, a celery stalk, frozen berries, flax seed, chia seeds, honey with the Pure Synergy green powder. I could add cinnamon and ginger.

Basically, I view this type of a concoction as a superfood breakfast drink. It’s not necessarily a recipe but it’s comprised of foods that I’ve grown comfortable using over the years. I make a point of using a beet and carrots in these drinks. Both foods have many health benefits that have helped me avoid visits to the doctors.

The point here is that the combination of a Green Powder and a Vitamix can allow a person to consumer the proper nutrition each day. So such a combination could prove invaluable during a crisis situation or during ordinary times.

As stated above, one teaspoon should give a person a better nutritional value than the typical, western diet comprised of unhealthy, processed foods and soda. In truly desperate times, a person could extend the lifespan of the supply by having on teaspoon every other day. The human body can last many days without food; however remaining hydrated is paramount to survival.

Bulk Food Supply Options

Honestly, I’m not entirely impressed with most of the bulk food supply products available from Amazon. Most of them contain unhealthy items like pancake mix or sugar laced cereals or canned goods that can be bought at the local grocery store for about $1 per can.

Moreover, some of the better ones seem overpriced. I found one on Amazon that seemed to have some decent items but it the price was $175. I was disappointed because I was interested in buying a supply.

Basically, most of the items in these bulk supplies are foods a person could theoretically stockpile over a period of time. offers an interesting product called Survive2thrivePail – 40 days/nights organic emergency survival food supply.

Again, the price seems a bit excessive at $289.99. Honestly, I would attempt to get many of these items on my own without paying such a high price. However, many of the foods are out of stock at various places like Amazon or a local supermarket.

Each Pail contains Organic Ingredients of:

Rolled Oats: 5 lbs
White Rice: 4 lbs
Millet: 4 lbs
Garbanzo Beans: 3 lbs
Green Lentils: 3 lbs
Black Beans: 2 lbs
Pinto Beans: 2 lbs
Quinoa: 2 lbs
EnerFood Green Superfood Powder: 7/8 lb
Chia Seeds: 1.5 lbs
Fermented Miso Powder: 1/4 lb
Cajun Spice Mix: 1/16 lb
Preparation instructions

Total weight: 27.75 lbs
Dimensions: 13″ H x 13″ W x 16″ D

The only certified organic & non-GMO survival food on the market

10-15 years shelf life
285 total servings per pail; individually vacuum sealed in 6-7 mil. food-grade bags
Nutrient dense and easy to prepare
Vegan, Non-GMO and 100% certified organic
No preservatives
Less than $2 per meal; real, dry uncooked food)
Easy to transport & store
Great for camping

Survive2thrivePail Analysis

The various foods contained in Enerhealth’s bulk food supply are all nutritious and high in fiber. In fact, I often make a porridge out of some of these ingredients including Millet, Chia Seeds, and Rolled Oats. Check here for a list of ingredients.

I bought a few of these items with the purpose of saving them as insurance against a food shortage. So, I’d recommend buying these items on your own, including the Enerfood green powder mix, rather buying the expensive pail if you’re concerned about the cost.

A few days ago I noticed while shopping that most of the bulk grains were currently out of stock. So, perhaps such an item as the Survive2thrivePail could be a worthy purchase, especially since a container of Enerfood is included with the package.

More Nutrients and More Fiber Reduces Caloric Cravings

The foods contained in green powder drinks and even in the Survive2thrivePail are high in fiber and nutrients. This can be very important during a crisis situation.

Joel Fuhrman in book Eat to Live, the revolutionary formula for last sustained weight loss, noted that fibrous bulk triggers stretch receptors to send signals to the brain that the stomach is full. Hence, there will be a reduction in appetite. The same effect happens when a person consumes foods that are high in nutrition.

So, the benefits of stocking up on these types of foods during a crisis should be obvious. They are healthier and fewer amounts of food will be needed in order to survive.

Another Benefit of Green Powder Supplements

I’ve written many articles regarding the benefits of green powder supplements. During times of crisis, these powders provide another benefit in terms of insurance against a food shortage.

One container can provide the human body’s daily nutritional requirements over a 5 to 6 week span. Moreover, who wants to survive a two month lock-down eating a daily supply of pancake mix only to incur Diabetes by the end of the ordeal?