Do Powdered Greens Go Bad?

Powdered Greens

A friend of mine who bought a bottle of Enerfood asked me whether or not it was safe to use a green powder supplement past the expiration date. They had made a purchase and forgotten about it. Recently, while cleaning about their cabinets they found the container of Enerfood pushed into a far corner.

They’re interested in improving their health via better nutritional habits so now they’re interested in making green powder smoothies with a Vitamix.20191006 094347

I’m not certain if there is a definite answer in regards to how long the expiration date can be exceeded before deciding that a green powder supplement should be discarded; however, there are certain precautions that could extend the lifespan of a supplement. Also, there are indicators that will demonstrate that the powder should be discarded.

Vitamineral Green

I’ll use a recent purchase of Vitamineral Green has an example. I purchased a 500-gram bottle during March 2020 as a backup supply in case of a government manufactured food shortage. The expiration date on the bottle was 10/22. So, the bottle should be safe for at least 33 months.

The other day I did call the manufacturer, Healthforce Superfoods, and asked them about the safety of exceeding the expiration date. The woman on the phone stated that “two years” should be safe. I attempted to ask the reasons behind her answer but she didn’t seem interested in continuing the conversation.

71X9x2WD qL. SL1500Again, I’m not stating this to be an irrefutable fact but one manufacturer that produces green powder claims that the expiration date can be exceeded by two years.

Indicators that a Green Powder has Gone Bad

  • Rancid Smell
  • Bitter taste
  • Changes in Color
  • Clumping – This is something I’ve observed in cheaper powders.   I’ve never seen clumping in a good product like Vitamineral Green or Enerfood.

Regardless, green powders are relatively safe foods to store for long-term use because generally, they’re low in moisture, which diminishes the possibility of bacteria growth.

Ways to Extend the Life of a Green Powder

The best place to store green powder is in the original container. A high-quality powder will come in an airtight, moisture locked container.

Any food begins to go bad after being used to light and oxygen. So, keeping the bottle of powder sealed until its ready to be used. I read a comment section regarding Green Vibrance and many people stated they froze the powder. One person claimed the powder tasted better after freezing it.

Here are some other common tips:

1.Store it in a cool, dry, and dark place. Temperatures of around 72°F and below are the best for storing dry foods. Therefore, ideally, a kitchen would be the best location in the house.
2. After each use, close the container’s lid tightly to prevent the powder from becoming moist.
3. Be careful not to let any liquid get into the container while it is open.
4. Silica Gel Packet to protect against moisture. Stick a few in the container after opening.

Final Thoughts

Keep the green powder stored in a nice cool, dry place until you’re ready to open. After opening the container then keep it in the freezer to extend its life and in order to maintain the potency.  Delay the oxidation process as long as possible.

A green powder is a healthy alternative to a junk food diet. Include a teaspoon or two in a green breakfast smoothie. My healthy dramatically improved after engaging in such a practice.

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