Book of Lost Remedies

Book of Lost Remedies

Hey, you don’t feel well? Here’s a pill!!!!
Synthetic chemicals are the only solution!

(sarcasm above)

Are you tired of harmful side effects on your medication? Are you looking for a means to be more self-sufficient? Are you interested in learning more about natural cures?

If the answer yes to any of these questions then you may be interested in a 318 page book with information concerning natural remedies, healing plants, and instruction on being an amateur herbalist. Personally, I learned about the book while searching for an at home ready for stress.

Don’t fall victim to appreciating the value of good health only after you’ve fallen gravely ill. Our good health seems valuable only after we lose it.

I believe society in general needs to be more self-sufficient. So The Lost Book Remedies garnered my interest.

Read below for my review of this book.


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Book of Lost Remedies

The Book of Lost Remedies was written by Dr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis. Thre are 169 color pictures of healing plants, lichens, and mushrooms. Two to four pictures are provided for each plant. The book is designed for beginners and seasoned herbalists with a focus on edible and medicinal uses, harvesting instructions, and a medicinal index.

The philosophy is based on the idea that the body naturally heals itself if provided with the proper tools, ie. herbs, and nutrition. The standard medical practice of merely treating symptoms is the antithesis of Dr. Nicole and Mr. Davis’ focus. So, anyone who believes in a holistic approach to health care should find value in the Book of Lost Remedies.


Dr. Nicole Apelian

Dr. Nicole is an herbalist who has studied plants and remedies for the past twenty years. She earned her undergraduate degree at Mcgill Univerity, her master’s degree at the University of Oregon and then her PhD at Prescott College in Arizona.

She has studied plants on the African Savanna with the Bushmen. In 2015, she appeared on the History Channel’s show titled “Alone”. While on that show she survived 57 days on her own with only a knife and access to various medicinal and edible plants. She has aided thousands of people with ailments using plant remedies.

At the age of 29, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. The doctors said she’d be confined to a wheelchair for the remainder of her life. During this crisis, Dr. Apelian learned the importance of not taking good health for granted.   She poured all her time resources into medical research for alternative health solutions. Through her research, she cured herself of MS via natural cures and remedies.

Her tale is a lesson in self-sufficiency and individual determination.


Powerful Remedies

The Book of Lost Remedies has the following should interest anyone with the following issues:

1. Autoimmune Disorders
2. Taking Pills
3. Tired of the side effects of drugs
4. Don’t want to pay Big Pharma anymore
5. Want to be prepared for a crisis
6. Desire to live a healthier life


A Devil in your medicine cabinet

Your immune system is the only mechanism that heals you when you are sick. It serves as your inner doctor. Pills may or may not help but ultimately it is your inner doctor that ultimately determines your fate.

A doctor may provide a certain percentage chance of survival when you’re stricken with a disease, illness or involved in an accident. There’s only a certain amount of treatment a doctor and/pills can provide. A person’s individual immune system will be the deciding factor for good or for evil.

Whenever you take a pill or any synthetic medicine, the body is being aided for only a short period of time. The symptoms are treated and there’s a degree of instant gratification. However, there is a price to pay and over time it slowly kills you.

Each pill makes your inner doctor weaker and weaker. Gradually, the inner doctor functions worse and worse, becoming habitually lazy. Then, when you really need it to function properly, it is too weak to help. This is the same concept as muscles atrophying over lack of use, or thinking slower after not using your brain for lengths of time.


The immune system is also responsible for clearing away dead cells and repairing damaged ones. If the inner doctor/immune system becomes lazy then the body’s organs will deteriorate faster. Even worse, normal cells will mutate into cancer cells.  Healthy white cells are needed to battle these cancer cells. Hence, a person with a weaker immune system is more likely to contract cancer. One-hundred fifty years ago people had a healthier inner doctor as there weren’t any Big Pharma pills; so naturally, there were few incidents of cancer. A strong immune system was a necessity for a person’s survival.

Begin nurturing your inner doctor while you’re young and then you’ll be more likely to enjoy life during your 60s, 70s, and 80s. Personally, I want to do what I can to ensure that I won’t be a bedridden burden during my latter years. I write and play the guitar. I’d rather die with a guitar in my hand than a dialysis machine connected to be my kidneys.

Ignorance the most deadly disease. Do your own research!


Treating Symptoms

  • Pills simply treat the symptoms of a disease.  They don’t attack the root cause.
  • Insulin doesn’t treat the cause of diabetes.  Statins don’t treat the cause of cholesterol buildup in the arteries.
  • Pills can have damaging side effects over a long period of time.

Healing Naturally

Dr. Nicole Apelian’s recovery from MS inspired her to dedicate her life to helping others achieve health freedom.  She edited all her manuscripts containing all the knowledge accumulated over 20 years regarding plants and remedies.

Dr. Nichole sorted only the most powerful medicinal plants, tinctures, salves, decoctions, infusions, extracts, syrups, and poultices then presented them in one book – ie the Book of Lost Remedies.

She has treated her MS by using three tinctures of her own creation.   These tinctures fight chronic inflammation and repair damaged tissue.  These natural treatments have an immunomodulatory effect, which means they help bring the body back into balance.



  • Index with Medicinal Plants
  • Index with Diseases and Afflictions
  • Color Photos
  • Alphabetized Index
  • Common weeds and plants found on your property are featured in the book.
  • Instructions are provided regarding using these plants to create your extracts and tinctures.


My motivation

In conclusion, I’ll provide a snippet from an email that initially garnered my interest in the Book of Lost Remedies.  The message behind the email represents my own philosophy and practice.  I wasted too many years due to idleness and wandering aimlessly.  I want to ensure I have as many healthy and productive years.  Moreover, the appeal of discovery so-called lost knowledge is enticing.  As opposed to watching television, I have fun by learning..even if it is old knowledge.

Read email below:

Subject: Medicine man warns Trump from beyond the grave


“We have lost the war on cancer.”

In 1940s one person in twenty would get cancer.

In the 1970s it was one out of every sixteen people.

In the 1990s it dropped to one person out of ten.

Today, one person out of three gets cancer in the course of their life.

And all because of THIS TINY PLANT we’ve excluded from our diet.

Your doctor doesn’t know about it and if you think the modern cancer approach works…think again.

Oncologists are the only doctors who profit from the treatment they prescribe with as much as 2/3 of their income coming from chemotherapy drugs.

Which work half the time, if you’re lucky.

But one man did know about this plant and many other plants he used for decades to treat and cure thousands of Americans.