Best Weight Loss Plans for 2021

weight loss plans 2021

The beginning of a new calendar year and especially a new decade can be used as motivational inspiration for someone desiring to lose weight.  I’d like to review some of the best weight loss plans for women over 50, and some of the best weight loss plans for men.

In reality, besides one of these plans specially designed for women (the Cinderella Solution), all these strategies can be used for men and women of any age.  Ideally, a person should enact preventive health practices.  Then in the future, they will not be forced to search the internet for the best weight loss plan for women over 60.  Instead, they’ll have maintained a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Over a decade ago, I began making an effort to supply my body with the proper nutrition while eliminating some unhealthy habits and foods.  A couple of simple strategies were employed that allowed me to lose about twenty pounds.  At the same time, I began researching nutrition and causes of diseases, while using many different types of nutrition and dietary supplements.

So, read below for a few suggestions for a healthy weight loss plan.

Drink more Water

The first idea is a simple concept.  And it’s something everyone should employ.   For much of my early life, I neglected drinking water.  My drink choices were mainly soda, milk, and some processed fruit juice.

I had always maintained a lean, athletic body; however, due to a lifetime of poor dietary habits, my weight had ballooned to 210 pounds.  The imaginable had happened… I had a flabby gut.  I had prided in being fit so I found the state of my stomach to be unacceptable.   Immediately, I began investigating straights for losing weight.

Quickly, I discovered the benefits of drinking water and some of the harmful effects of soda and dairy.  Immediately, I eliminated drinking soda and milk.  Water became my only liquid consumption.  Simultaneously, I toned down my addiction to snacks like chips and I ceased fast-food type meals.  I made certain that my meals were relatively healthy, at worst it would be some form of a turkey sandwich with a bottle of water.  That was a marked improvement from fast food or a cheesesteak and fries.

Three weeks later my weight had dropped from 210 to 190 pounds.  Hence, my journey towards an obsession with nutrition and the concept of a preemptive attack on health issues.

How Water Aids in Weight Loss

  1. Water is a natural appetite suppressant – Water can occupy space in the stomach, which will help lead to a feeling of fullness.  In turn, the stomach will signal the brain to curb the sensations of appetite.
  2. Water increases calorie burning – Studies have concluded that people can burn two or three percent more in calories after drinking water.
  3. Water helps remove waste from the body – The body needs hydration to remove waste from the urine and feces.  The kidneys need water to filter toxins and waste, while dehydration can cause hard or lumpy stools and constipation.
  4. Drinking water can reduce overall liquid calorie intake – Replacing coffee, soda, or juice with water will naturally lower calorie consumption.
  5. Water is necessary to burn fat – The body needs water to properly metabolize stored fat or carbohydrates.

The Cinderella Solution Diet Plan

Cinderella Solutions is considered one of the best weight loss plans for women over 50.  It is specially designed for women; geared towards maintaining hormonal balance and curbing certain food cravings.  Cinderella Solutions implements a strategy surrounding food combinations and eating times together low-impact exercises.

At first, I wondered if this plan should be labeled the Cinderella Solutions scam.  However, it has become a popular weight loss plan for women.  My mother has had success using this program.

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Similar to the Cinderella Solutions weight loss plan, the supplement Leptitox is geared towards curbing unhealthy cravings via supporting hormonal balance.  However, Leptitox is designed for both men and women.

The principle surrounding Leptitox centers on the concept of Leptin Resistance.  As fat cells grow, they release a hormone called Leptin. When leptin levels are low, we feel hungry and crave calories. At some point in the process, the brain stops receiving the message that you’re no longer hungry. You grow hungrier and hungrier even though you’re food consumption steadily increases. Your brain thinks you must eat in order to prevent starvation.  This is called Leptin Resistance.

I’ve experienced this phenomenon as I would eat an entire bag of potato chips or cookies.

Click here for further discussion where I mentioned how the Leptitox supplement aided me with a chocolate, peanut butter brownie addition.

Green Powder Supplement

Another simple common-sense strategy for losing weight would be eating healthier breakfasts.   Often in the morning, it’s difficult to find time to prepare a meal. So the tendency becomes to rush and perhaps stuff the closest item of food into your mouth. For me perhaps that would be a cookie, a brownie with a glass of milk, or a sugar-laced bowl of processed cereal.

In many ways I’m lazy and that led to me having poor eating habits in the morning before work or school.

Around the time I committed to losing weight, I discovered a green powder supplement called Enerfood.

These super green supplements are comprised of a couple of dozen nutrient-dense foods, which are ground into a powder.  During the manufacturing process, the nutrient and enzyme integrities are maintained.

Click here for a detailed commentary regarding the many benefits of a green powder supplement.

These powders have become a staple of my morning breakfast routine.  Typically, I’ll mix a teaspoon together with assorted fruits and vegetables.  Then, use a Vitamix to blend the contents into a healthy morning smoothie.  This green morning drink will contain all the necessary daily dose of vitamins and nutrients.

Buy a super green powder, buy a Vitamix and make green smoothie drinks for your breakfast.  That would be one of the healthiest ways of losing weight.

A Recipe book called Green Thickies offers many interesting ideas for those seeking a Vitamix green smoothie recipe.

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Hallelujah Diet

Another interesting company is Hallelujah Acreswhich offers many different types of supplements, food replacement powders, diet plans are offered.  Their mission is to guide people back into living a healthier lifestyle via eating a plant-based diet free of processed food filled with additives and preservatives.

A raw diet can offer the following benefits:

more energy.

clearer skin.

better digestion.

weight loss.

a lower risk of developing heart and cardiovascular disease.

I’ve used their Fiber powder and their green barley grass powder.  I recommend both products.  Their fiber powder will likely become a standard in my Vitamix smoothie.

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Hallelujah Acres offers a starter kit. which includes:

A comprehensive combination of supplements

A full 30 day supply

A 28 day easy meal plan

Essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

Start Today

If you’re planning on losing weight, don’t wait, instead, start immediately.  Do something simple, such as drink more water and steadily eliminate unhealthy drinks and foods.

Personally, I recognized soda as a huge problem.  I drank soda every day of my life until June 2006.  I haven’t had a single soda since.  Well, I lied, except on a plane I had a Ginger Ale to settle my stomach.

Then, start finding ways of adding more nutrition into your diet.  There are many great nutritional supplements.  I’ve reviewed on many of the supplements that I’ve used over the years.  Search around on the website for some ideas.

I’ve learned once you get into a routine then it becomes easier and easier to eat healthier.  Now, I can’t imagine getting back on a junk food diet.  A simple thing like buy a green powder or Vitamix or trying a weight loss plan like Cinderella Solution can be worth the value if it helps motivate you on the proper course.