Best Travel Bidet to Buy Right Now in 2022

Best Travel Bidet in 2022

This is a follow-up article, or perhaps a Part II.

Last week I wrote an article on the Brondell Bidet Sprayer. This item has saved my backside (literally) during the present Corona Virus crisis. I haven’t been able to find toilet paper anywhere.  I can’t compete with 6 AM, waiting at the door warriors.

I bought a 4 pack of toilet paper about 2 months ago. Yesterday, I started my second roll. Started your second roll? you exclaim.

Well, toilet paper isn’t my primary tool when I use the bathroom. Its used merely for drying and reassurance purposes. My Brondell Bidet Sprayer serves the purpose of toilet paper, while providing a much more hygienic end result.

The Peri travel bidet is another great item.

How to Use a Travel Bidet?

Fill the bottle with water, place it inside the toilet in a strategic position and then squeeze. The squirting water will clean much better than toilet paper. I’ve been using one since 2016. Anytime I travel I take it with me.

Currently, I work at home. However, in the past I did have office jobs. In that situation, I would place the Bidet inside my backpack before leaving for the day. Then, I would surreptitiously fill the bottle inside the office men’s room, hoping, nobody would enter and eye me in a peculiar fashion.

Good news – nobody ever caught me in the act and nobody was none the wiser of the presence of my purple friend inside my backpack.

Don’t share the bottle.  If you like in a multi-family home then each person should have their own bottle.  No discussion should be necessary regarding the reason.

Sold Out!

As I mentioned last week I posted an article about my Brondell Bidet Sprayer. However, the following morning the item was sold out. Many people appreciated the information; however, presently Amazon has a delay in delivering these Bidets.

I checked many similar items and most of them were either sold out or on backorder. One particular portable Bidet’s earliest delivery date was August.


Peri Bottle Travel Bidet

Fortunately, I did find one Bidet that is currently in stock (as of 3/22/2020 12 EST)!!!

The Peri travel bidet can be delivered via Amazon prime by Friday for $21.90. I’d recommend buying it immediately. This item could be out of stock and on backorder at any time.

Moreover, there is an elongated nozzle that is a benefit to pregnant women. The peri bidet is the best solution for the toilet paper crises … assuming they’re still in stock by the time you order.

Long-term solution

A travel bidet isn’t merely a solution to a short-term crisis, it’s a long-term solution for your health and comfort needs.  The hygienic and comfort benefits together with the financial savings make this a no brainer purchase.

While people are scrambling around the shelves at the grocery store you can rest at home knowing your faithful friend in the form of a bottle is awaiting you in the bathroom the next time there’s a need….. even more faithful of a friend than your dog.

Food Crisis

On a related note, I’d recommend checking out some of my other articles related to green superfood powders. Essentially, these powders are composed of various healthy greens processed via a freeze-drying method.


The integrity of the nutrients and the enzymes of the original food are maintained throughout the process. These powders can be mixed into water or included in a healthy smoothie. Generally, I’ll include a teaspoon with water and other superfoods like beets, carrots, berries, etc; hence creating a morning breakfast smoothie that meets the body’s daily nutritional needs.

During the current crisis, these powders could serve as an insurance policy in cast of a food shortage. Recently, I purchased a 500 mg bottle of Vitamerinal Green, my personal favorite.

Avoid the 6AM Horde

A travel bidet is a perfect solution for the toilet paper scramble at the grocery store. And a bottle of a green superfood powder can ease the fears of empty food shelves.

At the very least, avoid the toilet paper Zombie Apocolypse and order a Peri travel bidet