Are super green supplements as good as natural food?

Are super green supplements as good as natural food

Ideally, the food consumed in your diet should provide the body with its required nutrients and vitamins.  Fresh food in the form of fruits and vegetables should constitute a significant portion of your diet.  Unfortunately, society’s modern lifestyle can make that difficult; not to mention the food industry’s non-GMO trend can eliminate any benefits.  Instead, non-GMO food could possibly cause the body to intake harmful substances.

So, in a perfect world, green powder supplements would be unnecessary.  I’ve found super green supplements to serve as a great insurance policy in case my diet hasn’t provided adequate nutrition.  Whenever I travel or leave town on a business trip I’ll pack a zip lock bag of a healthy green powder then mix it in the morning with water.

Of course, nothing can compare to natural food produced in an ideal environment; however, in today’s world, I believe a person needs to counter-balance the effects of a poor diet, which is a phenomenon that plagues most people.  Over the past decade, I’ve determined that green powder supplements are the best option to compensate for our diet’s failure to satisfactorily meet acceptable health and nutrition standards.

Next, I’ll discuss some concerns with the modern food supply.


GMO Food

What is GMO food?

GMOs are organisms that have been genetically modified through genetic engineering.  The process causes plants, animals, bacteria, and virus genes that don’t occur naturally to come into existence.  GMOs are not labeled on food in the United States.  So, even if you purchase items from a store like Wholefoods it’s likely that you’re buying food that is a GMO.

Concerns about GMO

People in the organic/natural food community have many valid concerns about GMO food.  Many studies have shown numerous problems have increased upon the prevalent use of GMOs such as food allergies and digestive problems.

Perhaps, most alarming is that these GMO seeds contaminate the soil and gene pool.  It is nearly impossible to fully eradicate their contamination.  Also, GMOs increase the use of herbicides.  For these reasons and others, GMOs have a harmful effect on the environment and ecosystems.

There are many other concerns; however, the use of healthy green drink powders can serve as an effective supplement in the wake of big industry’s GMO onslaught.  From my observation, these powders all appear to be organic and processed in a safe and healthy manner.

Sidenote – as mentioned in a previous post the company Health Force Nutritionals has its own standard that goes beyond organic, known as Truganic, which invokes an even greater standard than organic.


Our stomach needs healthy bacteria to aid in the digestive process.  These healthy bacteria are known as Probiotics.  Again the modern diet and lifestyle habits have caused a deficiency in the body’s supply of Probiotics.  For example, the prevalent use of antibiotics can eliminate the stomach’s Probiotics.  The absence of a sufficient supply of these healthy bacteria can cause a myriad of chronic health problems.

Fermented foods such as kefir or sauerkraut can replenish the stomach’s probiotics.

Again, green powder supplements offer a solution to these health issues.  Based on my observations each of these powders include a hearty supply of probiotics.

There are many other issues; however, the reality of GMO food and the lack of probiotics are the most obvious problems that can be alleviated by using green powder supplements.  At some point on my website, I’ll delve deeper into these issues.  The purpose of this post is to provide a cursory view of the situation.

In regards to the original question -“Are super green supplements as good as natural food?” – perhaps there are too many variables to properly answer the question.  In an ideal environment, there would be no need for any nutrition dietary supplement. Unless a person has their own homestead, growing their own food then they’re going to be subject to the deficiencies surrounding them.  Again, I view green supplement powders as an insurance policy.  And their use has expanded my mind into different avenues of health and nutrition.


Lean Greens

I’d like to mention two green powder supplements that have garnered positive reviews.

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First, there’s a UK based company called Lean Greens.  They have a Super Greens Powder composed of various fruits, vegetables, grasses, and plant algae.  Unlike other powders, Lean Greens has taken measures to make the taste palatable.

There are tons of positive reviews on Amazon, the company’s website, magazines, and various blogs.  I noticed many people have commented that the powder assists with digestive issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  Other people have commented that Lean Greens has helped with their immune system.  This anecdote corresponds with my own experience.  Prior to using healthy green powders, I would get colds throughout the fall and winter months.  Now, I rarely have a cold.

The item costs 45 British pounds, which equals $55.

Click the link here and check out their website. Lean Greens

Green Surge

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Green Surge is another powder that has received favorable ratings on Amazon and other outlets. Similar to Lean Greens, customers have praised Green Surge for having a more palatable taste than competing healthy green powders.

Consumers seemed to have validated the main marketing points of Green Surge:

1)  Green Surge is a delicious green superfood blend consisting of a variety of essential greens.

2) This nutrition dietary supplement provides antioxidant and immune-boosting.

3) Supports gut health and digestion and includes a host of probiotics.

4) This green supplement powder provides an increase in energy and vitality.

5) Manufactured in a cGMP facility under strict quality control guidelines.

As I’ve mentioned with other green powder supplements I recommended mixing these products with assorted fruits and vegetables using a Vitamix. Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender, ir?t=gannable 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B075713NNL  This will alleviate any concerns about the taste or grittiness.

What is the Answer?

Green powder supplements are not as good food grown in an ideal environment; however, due to environmental conditions and the monopolization of the food supply, these items are an excellent option for anyone seeking to eat a healthier diet and boost their nutritional intake.

Based on customer and peer reviews, Lean Greens and Green Surge would be two healthy green powders worthy of consideration.