Are Green Powders a Waste of Money?

Are Green Powders a Waste of Money

The quick answer would be no.  From my own personal experience, healthy green drink powders have been a great boon to my health.  These health supplements provide a number of benefits that have been well documented via scientific research and consumer sanctification.  However, for me they provided a unique benefit…. namely, they changed my outlook on health and nutrition.

So, from a physical and mental point of view I will unequivocally answer in the negative to the question: are green powders a waste of money

To understand my response, I’ll briefly explain my journey from being a person who essentially lived on a junk food diet until the age of thirty-three.

Why were my dietary habits so poor? Well, because I was able to get away with it… or so it seemed.

My Former Habits


I had been thin during my entire life so the concept of dieting or being careful with my diet seemed to me as a concept reserved for those with weight issues.  My fast metabolism allowed me to eat anything without any apparent ill effects.  However, in retrospect, my diet had been affecting my health.

Since my earliest memories, my nightly post-dinner ritual consisted of a glass of soda and a bowl of potato chips.  Every evening, this was my late snack.. all through grade school, high school, college and into my early thirties.  Unfortunately, during my twenties, it expanded into a nearly full bag of potato chips.

Moreover, once I reached college my dietary habits took a downward spiral.  While growing up, at least my parents would cook a healthy dinner; however, upon fending for myself my natural laziness and laissez-faire attitude caused my diet to take a sharp turn off the cliff.


While growing up, my refusal to eat any green vegetable, except for perhaps an occasional salad or some peas had frustrated my parents.  Broccoli, Cauliflower or something like Brussel Sprouts weren’t even a consideration.  After leaving their nest, vegetables became forsaken.

Pizza, cheesesteaks, fast food, chicken wings (especially after a night of drunken revelry at a party or a bar) and other potato chip style snacks became the meal plan.  Again, my weight remained unaffected.  I did gain weight due to adding muscle through weight training.  I had become a “gym rat”, working out 4 or 5 days a week.   I was able to add an impressive amount of muscle but this later proved to provide a false sense of security in my health/appearance.

Amid my false sense of security, one health development did manifest.  A few months after graduating college I developed terrible allergies.  This development occurred seemingly out of nowhere.

In the midst of a nasty cold, I developed asthma-like conditions.  Bad colds had been commonplace throughout my life.  From September through April I seemed to catch a cold every 3 or 4 weeks. So, at first I assumed I had contracted one of the ordinary colds.

This was not the case as the breathing issues caused me to go to the family practice who in turn referred me to an allergist.  I was tested for approximately 30 different categories and tested positive for everything.  The allergist prescribed allergy shots, which I took for the next several years.

The onslaught of these allergies remains a mystery.  Growing up my family had owned cats and they never bothered me but suddenly the presence of cats caused severe respiratory problems.

So this pattern of poor diet, intense weight training and severe allergies continue for the next several years until I turned the age of thirty-three.


Disturbing Conversation

Then an event occurred that caused me consternation.

I was on a business trip In California for about a month.  While attending a bar during the weekend, I was having a conversation with a woman who was ten years my senior.  She did not believe me when I told her I was thirty-three years old. She insisted I couldn’t have been less than forty years old.  Finally, she ordered me to show my license as verification.

I was horrified and angry.   I didn’t betray my emotions to her.   However, the incident reinforced a complex that had been developed for the past few years.  Other people in the past had thought I was older than my actual age.

I was devastated.  What could I do?  I had no immediate answers.

Further Revelation

Then a couple of weeks later a comment from my mother prompted me to change my diet.

As I’ve mentioned, I had been thin my entire life.   However, while visiting my parents, my mother commented that I was “getting fat.”  At first I balked at the alarming suggestion.  Then after returning home I weighed myself and gave myself an honest look in the mirror.

And she was correct.  I was overweight.   I had been fooling myself into believing my weight gain was due to muscle mass.   I had ballooned to 210 pounds from 175 in college.  My face was bloated, my stomach was flabby, and my face had acne.   Acne was a terrible problem that seemed destined to never depart from me.  In short, my outer appearance matched my poor inner health.

A New Commitment

So, I committed to eating healthier.  I didn’t have a plan but I decided to eliminate my daily dose of soda.  I began drinking only water.  I allowed myself only one “snack” per day, whether it be something out of a vending machine or a handful of potato chips.  I eliminated the fast-food meal plan and committed to eating chicken and a vegetable during lunch at work.

Honestly, I made all of these changes the day following my mother’s comment about my weight.  Three weeks later my weight had dropped from 210 to 192 and then 184 the following week.  Drinking water, eliminating soda and dairy, cutting down on snacks and committing to eating a relatively healthy meal allowed me to lose approximately 25 pounds in a month.

My New Breakfast
My New Breakfast

Discovering Healthy Green Drink Powders.

However, I wasn’t satisfied; I wanted to become healthier.  Now So, I began researching nutrition and alternative health treatments.  So, I was listening to a podcast focused on healthy green powders.  The host was interviewing a man named Steve from Enerfood.

Steve seemed like an earnest and honest person.  I was intrigued by the idea of a nutrition dietary supplement composed of different healthy foods and nutrients.  So, I placed an order for the Enerfood and Coconut Powder combo.

Immediately, I became hooked.  My first action every morning was mixing Enerfood with water as my breakfast.  And in essence, that practice has continued to this day…. with a variation in the healthy green powder.

Healthy Green Powders are not a Waste of Money

Enerfood was the first leg on a journey towards learning about nutrition and achieving better health.  Once I had a taste of improved health, I wanted more and more.  Eventually, I bought a Vitamix and began mixing several items into my morning drink.  Today, I look about ten years younger than age.  I rarely get colds… a few of the colds I’ve had over the past decade were attributed to flying on an airplane.  I no longer have an acne problem and my weight has stabilized to its natural position.

So, in addition to providing health benefits, healthy green drink powders can serve as a first step towards achieving better health.  So if someone were to ask me, “Are healthy green powders a waste of money”.

Then, I would emphatically answer in the negative.